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Fyrnwy Equine Clinic is a specialist dedicated equine practice covering Shropshire, Wales, Cheshire and Staffordshire.

We offer a professional and compassionate service to you and your horses, with services including a highly experienced ambulatory equine practice and an expert, fully equipped surgical facility.



Wrexham Equine Care is a dedicated team of experienced vets specialising in treating horses, ponies and donkeys across Cheshire, Wrexham and Shropshire.

Our mission: To improve the health and performance of horses and ponies across the region, by providing the highest standard of veterinary treatment and preventative care in order to help both horse and rider achieve a winning partnership.


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Gastroscopy at Fyrnwy Equine

The only way to definitively diagnose equine gastric ulcers is by gastroscopy.

What is gastroscopy?

Gastroscopy is the diagnostic test that involves passing a flexible camera down the horse’s oesophagus and into the stomach.  This allows us to see the inside of the horse’s stomach and look for any signs of ulcers.




Horses are sedated to reduce anxiety and stress

Takes around 15 – 20 minutes

Not painful

What are the advantages of gastroscopy?
Gastroscopy is the only diagnostic test available that is definitive for equine gastric ulcers.

Reliable and straightforward test

Distinguish between squamous and glandular ulcers

It is important to distinguish between squamous and glandular ulcers as the recommended management and treatment is dependent on the location and severity of the ulcers.

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