Equine vaccinations

Combined flu and tetanus vaccines  – equine influenza is a seriously debilitating disease, rapidly spread from horse to horse. We offer multiple vaccine brands (in the event that your horse is allergic to one brand), and all are constantly adjusted according to current surveillance, as influenza is constantly changing. Tetanus can turn a small wound into a life threatening problem, we would strongly recommend cover for all horses, no matter what their age or job. Vaccination schedules are different according to the cover provided.

For flu and tetanus combined

  • First vaccination from 6 months of age
  • Second vaccination 21-92 days after first
  • Third vaccination 150-215 days after second
  • Annual boosters must be less than 365 days since previous vaccine

Starting the combined flu and tetanus course again?
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For tetanus only

  • First vaccination from six months of age
  • Second vaccination 21-92 days later
  • Third vaccination less than 365 days after second
  • Then boosters every 2 years