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Wrexham Equine Care


Fyrnwy Equine Clinic is a specialist dedicated equine practice covering Shropshire, Wales, Cheshire and Staffordshire.

We offer a professional and compassionate service to you and your horses, with services including a highly experienced ambulatory equine practice and an expert, fully equipped surgical facility.



Wrexham Equine Care is a dedicated team of experienced vets specialising in treating horses, ponies and donkeys across Cheshire, Wrexham and Shropshire.

Our mission: To improve the health and performance of horses and ponies across the region, by providing the highest standard of veterinary treatment and preventative care in order to help both horse and rider achieve a winning partnership.


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Head Shaking

What is headshaking?

The term headshaking simply refers to any shaking of the head – up and down or side to side or round and round (rotational).

Some horses show signs of headshaking all the time and some are seasonal or situation dependent.

Signs that can accompany the headshaking include snorting, lip twitching, nostril clamping, rubbing the nostrils on the floor or front legs and even striking out at the nose and face. These signs are usually only seen with trigeminally mediated headshaking (see below).

What causes headshaking?

Headshaking can be caused by any number of problems, including dental disease, sinus pain, bit problems, back pain, lameness, a naughty horse and rider problems. A small number of horses have a condition called trigeminally mediated headshaking and these can be thought of as the true headshakers.

Trigeminally mediated headshaking refers to an abnormality of the trigeminal nerve called trigeminal neuralgia. This condition…

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